The fastest way to an integrated digital health tech stack.

Morf collects patient data from your app, structures it and securely sends it to the services you use to start, run and grow your digital healthcare company.
No backend code required.

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Launch Fast

Eliminate weeks of tedious engineering.

Leave management of your patient data + integration backend to us, so you’ll be able to focus on building the best digital patient experience.

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One API.
No Headaches.

Send data once, and we'll get it where it needs to go. No more wrangling poorly documented APIs and unintuitive data models.

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Our intuitive patient data model, customizable to your needs, is optimized for FHIR / HL7 compatibility so you can easily send data to your EHR.

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Instant patient profile API.

Access your patient data effortlessly within your frontend app and start building personalized, dynamic digital experiences.

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HIPAA compliant from the ground up.

You’ll have end-to-end encryption and role-based access control so that your team can remain safe and secure in dealing with PHI.

Harness your data

View and manage your data from a beautiful dashboard

Transparent patient data

With Morf your whole team can view a structured patient profile and understand the data you're collecting and where it's being sent.

Understand your patient population with analytics

We'll give you tools for viewing the data you're collecting across your patients, giving you insights into who they are and how they are changing over time.

Control where data gets sent without code

We'll give you fine grain controls over where each piece of data gets sent. Are you collecting insurance details and "how'd you find out about us" info in your enrollment flow? Send one piece of data to your EHR and the other to your marketing tool.

How it works

Get started in 4 steps

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1. Build your form frontend

You build a branded frontend form for patient intake, feedback, progress tracking. Or use a no-code builder like Formsort.

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2. Start sending patient data

We'll receive data everytime your leads or patients submit a new response. Or use Morf's APIs to send data directly.

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3. Pick your data destinations

We'll send your patient data securely to your 3rd party vendors (EHR, billing, CRM, scheduling, you name it).

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4. Use patient data to personalize your app

Morf's profile API allows you to easily access the data you collect to deliver a dynamic experience to your patients


We can integrate with the tools you use to deliver care

We've experienced the pain of building healthcare tech stacks from the ground up, and we're here to give you the tools you need to accelerate the process and help you achieve your goals.

We've built secure software and data pipelines at digital healthcare companies. We've also built delightful user experiences at Square and Google. You're in good hands.

Montana Scher

James Thompson